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What if I’m allergic to or just don’t like either chocolate, cannabis, or coffee?

Vibe will offer a “ 23” option soon, so you can remove any one item from your provision.

What if I prefer Tea to Coffee?

We love Tea too, and will be offering a Tea option very soon.

What if like coffee but only drink decaf?

Decaf is awesome! You can specify your preference for decaffeinated coffee beans when you subscribe.

Do I have to get a delivery every month?

There will be a few frequency options, including the standard monthly delivery, a Double Shot option (2 provisions per month), Slow Motion (1x provision every 2 months / 2 deliveries per quarter).

Can I pause my subscription if I’m traveling or want to take a break?

Of course, just contact us in advance and we’ll make it happen.

Yessir! In 1996 California voters passed Prop 215 legalizing medical marijuana, and then in 2016 California voters (finally) passed Prop 64 legalizing recreational use of marijuana for adults.

Is the coffee and chocolate infused with cannabis?

Nope. The coffee and chocolate offerings are all natural, sourced from the best roasters and chocolate makers. We keep it simple.

**Edibles are awesome, we will occasionally include tasty cannabis infused treats.

This the greatest idea since The Facebook, is Vibe hiring and/or can I invest in the company?

You betcha! We are a small but mighty team of enthusiasts with wide variety of backgrounds and skills. If you can help us grow and thrive please reach out at:

Let’s chat - please reach out to:

Do you have any other questions, comments, or concerns?

Reach out anytime at or @vibeltd